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In addition to offering the Evidencediary website where victims can easily document what they have been subjected to, we also work preventively against domestic violence in the workplace. We do this by educating staff and leaders on how to detect if someone is in an abusive relationship. Also by teaching how to have the difficult conversation with someone, who may be at risk, in a professional and empathetic manner. We also go through how you can handle the response and help you develop clear guidelines, on how to proceed and support the victim in the best possible way, based on the individual situation of the victim and your company. We offer tailored support services to both employees and leaders during the work, and help you evaluate the interventions afterwards.

Professionalism, safety, security, and simplicity are our guiding principles.

Invest in your company. Invest in your employees.

Evidencediary is a tool that helps victims of violence to document injuries. The vision is to contribute to more guilty verdicts in favor of victims of violence in a secure and easy way. Through safe, easy, and secure navigation, anyone can use the website to document injuries, both psychological and physical, by uploading documentation such as images, texts, videos, and audio files. Evidencediary is private until the user wishes to make the material public to a loved one, a lawyer, an authority, or a hotline. It can then be used to contribute to a guilty verdict.

We help your company prevent and counteract threats, violence, and harassment at an early stage. By offering a safe and secure work environment based on loyalty and presence, the company's credibility increases and demonstrates the social responsibility you take. A company with satisfied employees and a good reputation has lower staff turnover, is easier to attract talented employees, and contributes to higher engagement, which in turn increases profitability.

Safe employees are healthier and live longer.

Statistics show that 1 in 5 individuals is subjected to some form of violence in close relationships. Those who are subjected to such violence are more frequently absent from work than their colleagues. Being in a harmful home environment often affects employees' ability to perform their duties. Research also indicates that employees who experience violence are more likely to lose their jobs, earn lower incomes, and take more sick leave than others. They are also at higher risk of premature death. The rate of sick leave increases by over 20% for both men and women who live in some form of abusive relationship. This leads to a 17 times greater risk of premature death for women and ten times greater risk for men. The increase is largely due to a higher suicide rate.

Secure employees perform better

Those who are subjected to violence in close relationships or are victims of sexual harassment in the workplace report that nearly half of their workday is spent dealing with violence or harassment-related situations. This hampers their job performance, which in turn affects their ability to carry out tasks and the company's success. Two out of three people say they would like more support from their employers, and that this would improve their job performance.

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