We are a multiprofessional team working with fairness, commitment and heart.

We achieve this by providing preventive education, implementing support tools and processes within companies, and providing guidance for a safe and secure work environment. Secure employees are a factor of success today.

Evidencediary was founded by a forensic nurse and a forensic scientist with a broad network who, for a long time, saw the need for a practical tool to offer those affected by violence in their respective professions.

Our Purpose and Vision

The idea for Evidencediary was born during a First Aid course, and the company was founded the next day. The work began by creating a simple and legally sound product that would be available to everyone. The vision of Evidencediary is to contribute to more favorable verdicts in favor of people who have suffered from violence in a legally sound and straightforward manner. This helps victims, highlights violence, and increases knowledge about violence in close relationships. Evidencediary increases the credibility of the victim as evidence is gathered over time, demonstrating the pattern of violence and victimization.

The right help from the right person

Evidencediary consists of a team of professional experts who work in various fields and contribute their expertise and knowledge. With Evidencediary, you and your company can be sure that you will receive the right help from the right people. Each case is unique, and that is why Evidencediary is there, a pillar of support that can easily tailor packages with one or more professionals from the team to ensure that you, your loved one, colleague, acquaintance, or anyone else receives the right help.

Our material

Order information materials via info@evidencediary.com at cost price + shipping. Materials available include: A4 and A5 posters, information cards 25-50 pieces with holder, round 6cm diameter stickers.


We are seeking partnerships for development and marketing, among others. If you want to be a part of our important work against violence, please contact us at info@evidencediary.com.

Ann Kvarnström is a trained nurse with over 20 years of experience in emergency care and has further education in anesthesia and forensic nursing. Forensic nursing has been a significant part of her work since 2010 in various ways, including practical fieldwork. Her training also came in handy as a supervisor at Crime Victim Support Center in Aland Islands. In 2019, Ann became a supervisor based on STOry's (Suomen Työnohjaajat ry - Finnish supervisors) criteria. Ann has been teaching courses on forensic nursing at Åland University for several years and has also taken many courses on domestic violence. She has recently started a master's degree in social work against domestic violence at Marie Cederschiöld's University.

Evi's founder Ann

Ann is passionate about helping those affected by domestic violence, as well as those who encounter it in their profession. One of her goals is to prevent empathy fatigue in people working in helping professions. From her own experience, she has experienced how difficult it can be to carry another person's story and wants to help prevent people in helping professions from shutting down or becoming exhausted. According to Ann, supervision is an important part of this, whether it's digital, on-site or in the form of a "walk and talk".

In 2021, the idea for the evidence journal Evi was born. After witnessing domestic violence, the marks it leaves, and its consequences for over 20 years, Ann felt that there was a lack of a concrete tool to address and prevent it. The idea of Evi is to collect and save evidence in a simple and legally secure way, which can then lead to a conviction. Today, too many perpetrators are not convicted. Evi is a concrete tool that helps to prevent this. In addition to the digital journal, Evi offers lectures, tutorials and tailor-made packages to workplaces that want to contribute to the safety of their employees.

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